Handroanthus impetiginosus, pink ipê, pink lapacho, or pink trumpet tree is a native tree of Tabebuia ipe var. integra (Sprague) Sandwith; Tabebuia nicaraguensis ; Tabebuia palmeri Rose; Tabebuia schunkevigoi n  Species‎: ‎H. impetiginosus. Looking for Pink Trumpet Tree, also known as Purple Trumpet Tree, for your garden landscape? Find Tabebuia palmeri availability & prices online now. Tabebuia & Handroanthus - overview of common species with special reference to Synonyms: Handroanthus impetiginosus, Tabebuia palmeri, Tabebuia.


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If you specifically want to buy plants in large sizes for instant landscapes, try the nurseries listed on the Advanced Plants tabebuia palmeri. If you tabebuia palmeri a nursery with a good range of Tabebuia trees, tabebuia palmeri Advertising on this page. More Information Many Tabebuia species have recently been reclassified into the genus Handroanthus and two others into Roseodendron, but given that the trees are best known and mostly still sold under the old name, they will be referred to as tabebuias here.


Nomenclature of the tabebuias is confused enough given the number of names that tabebuia palmeri species have been called over the years and the tabebuia palmeri of some names. Furthermore, several species have similar pink flowers and several others bright yellow, making it difficult to simply distinguish between various species by sight, even when in flower.


The common names are even less useful, with vague names like "Pink Trumpet Tree" and "Golden Trumpet Tree" being applicable to several species. A huge number of common names are applied to the tabebuia palmeri in various parts of the world.

Tabebuia palmeri 45L

Likes well drained soil. Grows to 3 metres high x 2 metres wide.

Ideal as a specimen tree or a hedge. Attractive and hardy medium sized evergreen tall shrub.

Tabebuia palmeri, Pink Trumpet Tree in GardenTags plant encyclopedia

Brilliant deep burgundy new growth throughout year. Does well in exposed seaside conditions. Attracts birds and butterflies.


Grows to 4 metres high x 2 metres wide. Attractive and hardy medium sized evergreen tree. Tabebuia palmeri medium shrub with dark green glossy leaves. Small brownish-pink richly fragrant flowers. Makes an ideal hedge tabebuia palmeri feature in a pot.

Grows to 2 metres high x 1.

Tabebuia palmeri 'Pink Trumpet Tree'

Small brownish-purple richly fragrant flowers. Makes an ideal hedge. Ideal as a hedge, screen or container plant. Good shaped in a pot as a balcony specimen. Evergreen shrub with highly perfumed white flowers tabebuia palmeri summer.

Tabebuia palmeri Pink Trumpet Tree

Grows to 5 metres high x 3 metres wide. Evergreen with dark green, glossy large leaves.

Heavy scented large cluster of white flowers. Makes an ideal statement plant.

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Very hardy, slow growing. Pink Lady Pink Frangipani Exotic with non-invasive roots. Large oval tabebuia palmeri leaves on a deciduous tree.