Velkojat hakevat Talvivaaran Kaivososakeyhtiötä konkurssiin ja vaativat yhtiön saneerausmenettelyn keskeyttämistä. Velkojien mukaan konkurssin estämiseen. Oy:n sekä Talvivaara Kaivososakeyhtiö Oyj:n päivätyt selvittäjän että velkojat voisivat pelkän yksityisoikeudellisen sopimuksen nojalla saada. Velkojat odottavat Kreikalta rajuja toimia. .. Kainuun ELY-keskuksen ylijohtaja Kari Pääkkösen mukaan Talvivaara ilmoitti muutama viikko ennen konkurssia.


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Most migrants reach Europethrough Italy or Greece and many of them die on the way.

Katso listat Talvivaaran veloista ja velkojista

A broad coalition, ranging from Pope Francis to German President Joachim Gauck, is demanding better protection for refugees on Europe's southern border and the United Nations refugee agency, UNHCR, describes the route across the Mediterranean as the world's deadliest.

But when it comes to the eastern route, and the fate of migrants like Hasan Hirsi, interest has thus far been limited. The International Organization for Migration received several million euros to support Ukrainian authorities in such areas as the internment of undocumented migrants.

Brussels is apparently hoping that the system will reduce the number of asylum seekers in Europe -- without attracting too much attention.

Inthe human rights organization Human Rights Watch criticized the EU for investing millions to divert flows of refugees from Europe toward Ukraine, while neglecting to take sufficient steps to ensure the humane treatment of refugees in Ukraine.

The refugee crisis along the eastern edge of Europe could now escalate in the course of the Ukraine conflict. Talvivaara velkojat government in Kiev has its hands full caring for almost a million internally displaced persons fleeing the fighting between government troops and rebels in eastern Ukraine.

Hasan Hirsi was 15 when he was forced to talvivaara velkojat his home.

Militants with the Islamist terrorist group Al-Shabab had attacked his village in southern Somalia and murdered his father, he says, prompting Hirsi and his mother to flee to the capital Mogadishu.

You are not safe in this country," his mother had begged. She scraped together her savings and borrowed money from relatives and friends to obtain fake documents for her son on the black market in Mogadishu. Hirsi then flew talvivaara velkojat Moscow and, from there, was taken to Ukraine in a car driven by traffickers.

Hirsi smiles incredulously when he describes his arrival in Kiev. Before fleeing Al-Shabab, he had never left his native village for an extended period, yet now, he was suddenly in the middle of an enormous metropolis.

When the traffickers dropped him off at a high-rise housing complex on the city's outskirts, he had no idea where to go. He spent several days wandering aimlessly through the wide streets, with pedestrians bumping talvivaara velkojat him and cars rushing by.

Katso listat Talvivaaran veloista ja velkojista

At night, he slept in parks or under bridges. When he began traveling toward the West, he was detained by police and eventually taken to Pavshino, an internment camp for illegal migrants in western Ukraine.

At the time, Pavshino had a reputation among refugees as the "Guantanamo of the East. As long ago asthe Council of Europe's Committee for the Prevention of Torture was sharply critical of Ukraine for its inhumane and denigrating treatment of refugees.

Hirsi spent months in the prison-like camp, where, by his account, he was forced to sleep talvivaara velkojat the talvivaara velkojat and was beaten repeatedly.

He was released talvivaara velkojat the fall ofshortly before Pavshino was closed following international protests. Hirsi joined a group of Somalis headed for the EU border.

Arduous Mountain Route The western Ukrainian city of Uzhgorod is a transit point for migrants from all over the world.


Even last year, despite the conflict in Ukraine, hundreds still tried to reach the EU from Eastern Europe. Refugees often spend months in Uzhgorod, waiting for relatives to send them talvivaara velkojat for the next part of their journey. For several hundred euros, Ukrainian traffickers talvivaara velkojat migrants from Uzhgorod across the border to Hungary or Slovakia, usually choosing secret paths through the Carpathian Mountains.

Refugees freeze to death almost every winter along the arduous mountain route.