Readers who haven t discovered Jim Woodring s Frank stories will find a treat waiting for them in the pages of this book Since publication in of the. Sorry, this item is sold out! The Frank Book is the cornerstone of the Frank reading experience, containing as it does all the Frank stories from their inception in. Since , Jim Woodring's lusciously rendered, hypnotic fables have dazzled readers the world over, and the recent runaway success of the Frank-co-starring.


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This book's hero, Frank, is a catlike anthropomorph who lives in a surreal, exotic world. Woodring uses cartoon grammar brilliantly: They are physically identical to one another except for one tiny difference. The Faux Pa enthusiatically embraces his role as a father figure and gives Frank the worst possible advice.


Influence and recognition[ edit ] While the Frank stories have never been a mainstream success, they have attracted an avid cult following and have been extensively merchandised as t-shirtsaction figures and other things.

Many alternative cartoonists Dave Cooperfor example have cited the Frank stories as an inspirationand mainstream comic book creators have also expressed their admiration, with Alan Moore including an image of Frank as part of an alternate universe in the pages of his superhero series the frank book jim woodring Going to the beach and taking drugs, bodysurfing — all those things.

The Frank Book

Anything I thought would help, I did. My mind was too chaotic. And I try to avoid things that are seriously the frank book jim woodring. I wrote that passage after I did a realistic charcoal drawing of my father standing at a workbench wearing a blood-spattered apron smashing up babies with a single-jack sledgehammer.

Frank (comics)

I want them to have this mysterious charge. How do you, I guess, commune with this notion from which all of the other notions flow?

The Unifactor, or the world of Frank?

And I just have to do this job the best I can. His adventures are silent and generally black and white though there are several comics in this edition that are full colour.

OUR ARTISTS :: Jim Woodring :: The Frank Book [Softcover Ed.]

The stories in The Frank Book are easy to follow in a technical sense because Woodring is an excellent cartoonist who knows how to tell a story sequentially. His art too is superb and enormously creative. Luckily, Frank has a protector and ally in the form of his feisty godling companion, Pupshaw.

Frank's adventures are told in a series of nearly wordless cartoon stories that draw readers deep into a hallucinatory mindscape governed by a profound interior logic that raises The Frank Book to a level above fantasy.