Editorial Reviews. Review. Amazon Best Books of the Month, March In a sense, The Information is a book about everything, from words. James Gleick has such a perspective, and signals it in the first word of the title of his new book, “The Information,” using the definite article we. Alok Jha: Gleick sets himself a monumental task – to tell the story of information throughout human history – and delivers.


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Indeed, many passages read like the voice-over of a History Channel the information gleick, while simultaneously conjuring for readers the images that would play under the voice-over.

It is a strong effect, engrossing and enjoyable.

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The other big strong point of The In The Information has a lot going for it. The other big strong point of The Information the information gleick how wide-ranging -- yet unified -- its topic is.

Gleick has, rather conspicuously, rounded up a huge catalog of sources and influences and subjects.

I believe if a person is really going to like this book, it will be as an exuberant, unregimented romp through the jungle that is information. The book is ambitious, and looks at the world with the wide eyes of delight And given this combination of the book's ambition and approach, from The information gleick Information emerge some the information gleick.

The book's treatment of its various subjects is very uneven.

The Information by James Gleick |

Gleick does a good job of impressing on readers how big a shift in mindset literacy generates. He gives the information gleick engrossing treatment of talking drums, the information gleick he gives an equally engrossing treatment of Charles Babbage and Ada Byron.

These subjects together form an informal "first half" of the book, and succeed in prompting readers to think through the genesis of information as something first represented and eventually manipulated in tangible forms like scripts, tones, and gears.


Since we today generally take for granted a certain relationship between information, our minds, and our instruments, it is a major accomplishment that Gleick gets us to note that we haven't always lived this way and to think through how we got this way.

But after Gleick accomplishes this in the first portion of the book, he falters. Research to improve these technologies ultimately the information gleick to our understanding the information gleick essentially digital nature of informationquantized down to the unit of the bit or qubit.


Starting with the development of symbolic written language and the eventual perceived need for a dictionaryGleick examines the history of intellectual insights central to information theorydetailing the key figures responsible such as Claude The information gleickThe information gleick BabbageAda ByronSamuel MorseAlan TuringStephen HawkingRichard Dawkins and John Archibald Wheeler.

The author also delves into how digital information is now being understood in relation to physics and genetics. Some writers excel at crafting a historical narrative, others at elucidating esoteric theories, still others at humanizing scientists.

Gleick the information gleick a master of all these skills. Like the best college courses: Or the invention of language some time in the prehistory of our species? At each stage, humans wanted to communicate something.

The Information

At each stage there has been information, and information has propelled the evolution of our society. James Gleick, the doyen of science writing and the the information gleick of the hugely successful Chaos as well as biographies of Richard Feynman and Isaac The information gleick, reviews the history of humanity through the lens of our attempts to make communication faster, more efficient and more available.

You only need to read a few pages of this book — which opens with tales of African drumming — to realise what a sweeping and monumental task Gleick has set himself. What we know as "information" — such a familiar concept to us now — took a long, long time to develop.

Gleick's story spans savannahs, hunter-gatherers, ancient civilisations, alphabets, the beginnings of science before anyone knew how to define or measure anything at allmathematical codes, data, electronics and quantum physics.

the information gleick