Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Caitlyn Duffy is a private boarding school survivor and the author of The Treadwell Academy Novels, a series about. Frances Cobain is the daughter of Courtney Love and Nirvana's frontman, the late Kurt Cobain. The Rock Star's Daughter (Treadwell Academy #1) · Rating details · 8, Ratings · Reviews. At the age of 15, Taylor Beauforte has only met her father twice in person. After all, he is the lead singer of a world-famous rock band, constantly on the cover of music magazines and giving interviews on MTV.


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This isn't necessary a horrible book.


Well, the first three fourths aren't horrible. It's just sort of meh. You know what your'e getting. The unexpected Cinderella story that only illegitimate spawns of celebrities get to experience.

10 Hottest Daughters of Rock Stars – the Brofessional

You know, somehow I don't think that's the rockstar s daughter it works. Having a the rockstar s daughter dad who doesn't acknowledge you all your life and then rushing to pick To see full review click here.

Having a celebrity dad who doesn't acknowledge you all your life and then rushing to pick you up from Child Services just managing to get you out of there without any paperwork or having to get a lawyer involved Oh, wait, what did you say Stephenie Meyer Logic aside though, this book was sort of mess for other reasons.

Like the fact that it has no plot.

The Rockstar's Daughter

At first I thought cool, the rockstar s daughter story will be sort of like What a Girls Wants the father daughter relationship will be developed with a cute romance on the side. But nope, all we got was a start at these things then the dad acts like a complete tool and yeah, he's a complete tool, no explanation other than that and the love interest is, well, remember Josh from The Princess Diaries, well, imagine him as your hero.

The romance turned out to the rockstar s daughter the lamest attempt of a romance in YA.


The characters lack chemistry and half of the time I expected there to be some sort of Cassandra Clare incest twist there that just made me want to the rockstar s daughter. Yeah, I thought they were siblings even though it was reiterated throughout the book that they weren't.

It's still gross though mainly because of what her dad does with Not going to spoil it.

Really, the only likable adult character here was the Rachel Zoe stepmom and that's kind of iffy at best since at one point she was characterized as being super nice and the next wow But she honestly was the rockstar s daughter most stable influence that Taylor had in her life and that's sort of sad.

What's really sad is the fact that Taylor seems to except the fact that the instability from her mother and father is okay. I really had issues with how Duffy whitewashed the rockstar s daughter mother's abuse.

The Rock Star's Daughter

While it was true she didn't hit her kid, her mother was a bad parent. I mean, seriously, she drained her kids college account for plastic surgery. And instead of trying to let her daughter have a relationship with her father, she essentially the rockstar s daughter it.

And we're told that's okay?

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Sure, I didn't think Chase was that great of a parent either, though you'd think otherwise till the last fourth of the book.

I really thought he was trying and then