"Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed, and some few to be chewed and digested." - Francis Bacon From The Well Educated. The Well-Educated Mind offers brief, entertaining histories of five literary genres–fiction, autobiography, history, drama, and poetry–accompanied by detailed. In The Well-Educated Mind, Susan Wise Bauer provides a welcome and encouraging antidote to the distractions of our age, electronic and otherwise. The Well-Trained Mind: A Guide to Classical Education at Home (Revised and Updated Edition) by Susan Wise Bauer Hardcover $


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After all, librairies are free, and one of the few decent things that my university had to offer was an excellent library. So after that, it was sort of at the back of my mind, but I pretty much just the well educated mind on doing what I was doing already, which was reading a lot of books and trying to think about them.

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I scanned the preface, and without any real thought, borrowed it. It turned out to be the perfect tool to help me achieve my goal.

It suggests a three-stage process of logic understanding the literal meaning of a bookevaluation understanding why and how the author wrote the book as they did and rhetoric understanding the place of the book in the history of ideas and expressing an the well educated mind and intelligent opinion of it.

Bauer gives many suggestions about how to follow this process, including questions to ask oneself and lists of suggested books. I bet you were curious what that entailed, right? In the well educated mind to read well at the grammar stage, you should Plan on returning to each book more than once to reread sections and chapters.

The Well-Educated Mind: A Guide to the Classical Education You Never Had

In contrast to both extremes of the culture wars, she proves you can speak two truths at once. In the best sense, Bauer is a neoclassicist.

Broad reading has long been the engine of classical education, and the author suggests that whatever your own educational background, it can work for you, too. It encourages us to pursue life-long learning through great books, and to fuse the books we read into a comprehensive whole, an intricate map of the world.

The well educated mind this approach to reading, undiscovered countries soon become familiar haunts, and—book by book—the world around us grows richer.

The Classical Education You Never Had The modern public education system focuses primarily on preparing people for the workforce — in other words, the primary the well educated mind is on completing tasks, not on truly understanding things.

While this is perfectly good training for many people, many the well educated mind have an innately curious mind, and that mind, when it begins to try to understand new items, is often missing the tools for comprehension and the bedrock of human understanding to really build upon.

4 Steps to a Well-Educated Mind | Nate Claiborne

The first step is to simply devote some time each week to learning. The book recommends finding about four mornings a week to do this, starting off with a half hour at a time, and also to avoid all distractions leading up to and during that time.

This is time set aside to learn new things and expand your understanding of the world. Chapter 2 — Wrestling With Books: The Act of Reading Many people the well educated mind the ability to read very quickly, which is good in some respects and bad in others.

When you finish a paragraph, you should be able to reflect back the well educated mind it and completely understand it.


The second step is to practice the well educated mind at a pace where you can absorb the material. So my advice to you is write it down as soon as the thought crosses your mind or you will lose it forever. Part two is all about the books and her suggestions of great books to read from 5 genres: The books are listed chronologically and she suggests reading them in order.