Title: The World Inside. Author: Robert Silverberg. Genre: Dystopia, Science Fiction, Speculative Fiction. Publisher: Orb Books (Tor) Publication. The World Inside [Robert Silverberg] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Welcome to Urban Monad Reaching nearly two miles into the. Robert Silverberg's brilliant The World Inside is no exception. His horrifically dark vision is emotionally uncompromising, beautiful, visceral.


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Book Review: The World Inside, Robert Silverberg (1971)

For me it was just too much, over the top, in your face page after page pornography. There was a scene, late in the story, where the sexual freedoms of one culture were shown in stark contrast to the mores of another culture and perhaps, PERHAPS, Silverberg was demonstrating by hyperbole the world inside silverberg far different sexual customs can come to be.


Within the world inside silverberg high density residences, a peculiar worldview has taken root, a combination of religious zealotry and libertine sexuality.

The religious aspect manifests itself in a divine mandate to "be fruitful and multiply. Contraception is viewed as the most heinous sin, an evil so great that even mentioning it violates a widespread taboo.

The World Inside, a book by Robert Silverberg | Book review

On the other hand, sex outside of marriage is encouraged. The stability of the tightly-packed residences requires that frustration and anxiety must be minimized, and according to the prevailing opinion, this is achieved by hooking up with a wide assortment of casual sex partners.

But this freedom to the world inside silverberg from the marital bed is not granted equally to the sexes.


Woman are expected to welcome stray visitors, and Silverberg's narrative depicts them as, for the most part, receptive and accommodating.

Woman are discouraged from "nightwalking" and even men are expected to restrict their wandering to nearby neighbors in the urbmon.

The World Inside

The levels of the building correlate with the status of the residents. The ruling class live at the top of the story structure, in a series of floors known as Louisville. Written the world inside silverberg Friday 23rd April by TC. If you enjoy the site please consider a small donation towards the cost of the upkeep and development of SFBook.

Gender Is No Object: Jason Quervo is forced to talk about a fantasy he was thinking of where he embraced Michaela for intercourse, but the world inside silverberg Micheal instead in the company of Micheal and his wife at dinner one night. He tells part of it, saying he was imagining if a man was to go out nightwalking and instead of finding Michaela, he finds Michael.

Michael's wife then comments, " so what?

Often you feel like this reading the book, as the thoughts and customs of the Urbmons are completely alien to the "modern" person, trying to abandon ambition, space, freedom, the outside, and self-determination. Micheal and Michaela show this throughout their chapters. Michaela admits that she experimented and the world inside silverberg have had intercourse with her brother when she was younger, but has stopped at least a decade ago.

Micheal still fantasizes about his sister and has the world inside silverberg fantasies as he escapes from the Urbmons, imagining them having sex in the sea.

The World Inside (Literature) - TV Tropes

Lady Looks Like a Dude: May be true of Siegmund Kluver, as he is claimed to be in a quote by Charles Mattern when he finds him in bed with his wife, Principessa who is 13 years his senior, Siegmund Kluver being 14 Free-Love Future: The World The world inside silverberg is set in a huge skyscraper Urban Monad or Urbmonin which men are expected to go "night walking", the world inside silverberg into other peoples' homes for sex, and it's unthinkably rude for a woman to refuse an advance.

Silverberg goes into a bit of detail as to how such a society would produce unique sexual hangups of its own.


One character is trying to make her husband jealous, which he points out is ridiculous.