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At a the British Independent Film Awards this week, she bemoaned the lack of central parts for older women, but also said that that she still meets women who had left their husbands to get an education after seeing Willy Russell's play-turned-movie, Educating Rita, in which Walters starred opposite Michael Caine 30 years ago.

theatre in your life

: Theatre in Your Life : Robert Barton, Annie McGregor: Books

Of course seeing a particular play can have a huge influence upon the work of other playwrights. Lynne Nottage talks of a play with talking lima beans that entranced her; for Edward Albee theatre in your life was a musical called Jumbo with Jimmy Durrante that made him fall in love with the alternate reality presented on stage.

I very much believe that being involved with theatre can theatre in your life lives, particularly via participatory projectsbut although I'm inclined to think that shows can — and often do — play to your particular concerns, I'm slightly doubtful that people walk into a theatre and emerge transformed.

But if you think I'm wrong and you have experienced an epiphany moment in the theatre, then do please share.

Can theatre really change your life? – open thread

But anyone can look saintly at a worship service! A more accurate gauge of our "saintliness" takes place when we are laying in bed late at night with theatre in your life lights out, alone with our thoughts.

Where do our fantasies take us?

Do we engage in sensual or self-gratifying daydreams? Are we criticizing our neighbor or plotting revenge? Do we desire positions or possessions that God has not released to us?

If so, we are programming ourselves for defeat.

Theatre in Your Life - Robert Barton, Annie McGregor - Google книги

Getting In the Groove The failure to discipline the mind will ultimately produce bondage to bad habits both in thought and action. The wrong thoughts we entertain over a period of time become easier to theatre in your life on. Theatre in your life a farmer driving his tractor down a dirt road.

When the road is new, the smooth grade allows the farmer to easily drive from side to side. But if the farmer constantly drives in the same place, ruts or grooves begin to form in the road and it becomes increasingly difficult to steer his tractor.

In the same way, someone who continues to have sinful thought patterns soon finds it easier to let his mind "fall into a rut" than to steer down the right path.

Last Days Ministries : The Theatre of Your Mind - What's Showing?

The Great Escape A number of years ago I dealt with a young man theatre in your life had been rejected by his parents because his birth was "an accident.

In this new world he was the hero, the knight in shining armor. Once he reached adolescence, sexual desires entered his fantasy world.


At that point, his theatre in your life moved into the seductive world of sexual pleasure. This young man would spend the majority of his time feeding his mind with graphic, sexual thoughts. Eventually he tried to satisfy his lust through pornography.

Like the farmer driving his tractor, it became easier for him to let his thoughts follow the ruts rather than steer away from them. I talk to Christians every week who, like this young man, have great difficulty "bringing their thoughts into captivity.

They worry about crime, lack of approval, the possibility of failure, or the nuclear threat. Others are obsessed with bitterness, focusing their thoughts on someone who betrayed them or maybe someone who dared to cross their will Their thoughts of retaliation produce theatre in your life bitter feeling of resentment.

This person may even become more susceptible to disease theatre in your life a result of his bitterness, which some doctors say produces stress hormones in the body.

Still others find themselves prisoners of distrust and jealousy - their emotional antennas constantly scan the air, theatre in your life for evidence to confirm their suspicions.

Think Before You Act The point is this: Letting your mind go the wrong way will lead your life the wrong way.


There seems to be an apathetic attitude among Christians when it comes to disciplining the mind. Some would rather get into the more "spiritual things" of the Christian life and dismiss talk of controlling our thoughts as some gimmicky type of positive thinking.


The person who holds either of these assumptions is only fooling himself.