Review of the Italian translation of Theophilus Presbyter's 'On Various Arts' (edited by Adriano Caffaro). s Source for information on Theophilus Presbyter: Science and Its Times: Understanding the Social Significance of Scientific Discovery dictionary. Theophilus, also called Theophilus Presbyter, probable pseudonym of Roger Of Helmarshausen, (flourished 12th century), German monk who wrote De diversis.


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Theophilus |

The work is divided into three books. The first covers the production and use of painting and drawing materials painting techniquespaintsand inkespecially theophilus presbyter illumination of texts and painting of walls.

theophilus presbyter


theophilus presbyter The second deals with the production of stained glass and techniques of glass painting, theophilus presbyter the last deals with various techniques of goldsmithing and other metalwork.

It also includes an introduction into the building of organs.


Theophilus contains perhaps the earliest reference to oil paint. Pantaleon 's church in Cologneand moved to Helmarshausen Abbey in The identity of the two men has theophilus presbyter argued among researchers for some time, but Freise's conclusions have not yet been accepted by all researchers.

Other theophilus presbyter have also been made, and at present there can not be said to be a consensus. The First Book, on painting, is not particularly well-informed, but adequately reliable, the Second, on glass, is better, while most of the Third Book is theophilus presbyter the work of a practising metalworker.

It has recently been suggested that the apparent contradictory evidence as to dating, practical experience, and location of 'Theophilus' is best explained if the Schedula is understood to be a compilation. Our editors will review theophilus presbyter you've submitted, and if it meets our criteria, we'll add it to the article.

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Theophilus, The Various Arts.

Theophilus | German writer and artist |

The first complete printed ed. A critical text and French trans. De diversis artibus; Seu diversarum artium schedula. A theophilus presbyter cited, though carelessly edited, text and German trans.

Theophilus Presbyter

Theophilus Presbyter Schedula diversarum artium. All the above eds. The first theophilus presbyter be edited primarily for its technical content was the text, and German trans.

Then, after over a century of neglect in English, two independent eds.