For some measure of the progress of women, consider " Pieces of Gold," set in the 19th century and telling the story of a Chinese woman. Lalu Nathoy's father calls his thirteen-year-old daughter his treasure, his “thousand pieces of gold,” yet when famine strikes northern. Produced on a shoestring $2 million budget, documentary director Nancy Kelly and her husband, editor Kenji Yamamoto created this romantic.


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Although conflicted, Jim fulfills his professional obligation to deliver Lalu to Hong King Michael Paul Chana saloon owner in a rough Idaho mining town. Refusing to participate in Hong King's plan to make her into an thousand pieces of gold prostitute, Lalu keeps her dignity about her and wins the adoration of Charlie Chris CooperHong King's white, alcoholic partner.

Though fully acculturated, he was not and never could be assimilated. Would that still be the case today?

Discuss whether their silence made them complicit thousand pieces of gold her enslavement. Why did the Black man speak out? The hurdy gurdy girl, who advised Polly to arm herself, does.

How do you think the people in Warrens would react if Polly had shot Hong King?

Thousand Pieces of Gold Teacher’s Guide

What would happen to her? Support your response with evidence from the novel.

Charlie wins Polly from Hong King at poker. Examine her discussion with Charlie and identify what makes Polly finally feel free.

Thousand Pieces of Gold (film) - Wikipedia

Describe the escalating anti-Chinese sentiment nationally, in Idaho, and in Warrens that finally convinces Polly to marry Charlie. Identify the three specific documents Polly must have to protect her.

Although Charlie and Polly marry to prevent her deportation, the two thousand pieces of gold clearly devoted to each other. Describe the many ways in which Polly and Charlie demonstrate their love for each other throughout the book.


By the Fourth of July celebrations, Polly appears very much a part of Warrens. Or is she an outsider? List the ways in which each is true.

Thousand Pieces of Gold by Ruthanne Lum McCunn - Teacher's Guide -

Debate whether she is appropriately or overly cautious in refusing to have children with Charlie. Identify the major themes of the thousand pieces of gold. Trace how the themes are developed from the beginning to the end of the book. Thousand Pieces of Gold is a true story.

Debate whether the book should be classified as a biography or historical fiction. A Journal of Women Studies 24 no.


Conventions of Standard English L. How might her story inspire young immigrants today? Plot[ edit ] Lalu Thousand pieces of gold Chao is a young Chinese woman who is sold by her impoverished family and transported against her will to the American West in The two set off on the long journey to Idaho and eventually strike up a friendship along the way.

When they finally arrive thousand pieces of gold the rough, isolated town, she is distraught to discover that she is not going to be Hong King's wife.

Instead, she is to work in his saloon as his newest prostitute under a new name, "China Polly".

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She is further dismayed when Jim abruptly disappears, leaving her to fend for herself. The following night, when Hong King tries to sell her virtue to the highest bidder, Lalu violently thousand pieces of gold to submit to her would-be suitors and successfully avoids becoming a prostitute, thanks in part to the intervention of a kind stranger, Charlie Bemis Chris Cooperwho turns out to be Hong King's Caucasian partner.