The maiden voyage of the White Star liner Titanic, the largest ship ever launched, Conflicting news, alarming and reassuring, was current yesterday. Star officials in Liverpool, who said they were afraid the report was likely to prove true. Read the full text of The Times article or other headlines from the day. Titanic Sinks Four Hours After Hitting Iceberg; Rescued By Carpathia, Vincent Astor Calls at White Star Office for News of His Father and Leaves Weeping. The sinking of the Titanic was the first international news story of the twentieth century to receive instantaneous, intensive coverage world-wide. By , the.


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From the archive: The Titanic is sunk, with great loss of life | From the Guardian | The Guardian

There is unfortunately only too much reason to believe, however, that the latest and worse news is nearest the truth, for none of the later cables contradict each other. The main hope that remains is that the Virginian or Parisian may have picked up more of the passengers and crew than those saved by the Carpathia.

As to this there is no news at the time of writing. Titanic newspaper article entirety of the coverage was; "The White Star titanic newspaper article Titanic, which sailed from Southampton yesterday, is now 'the largest vessel of the world.


The first reports of the disaster published on April 15 contained many inaccuracies. A bias toward optimism can be seen in the first headlines titanic newspaper article articles regarding the fate of the super-liner and her passengers.

Newspaper Articles

The stalk reality of the scope of the disaster titanic newspaper article clearly evident in the reporting that began to emerge titanic newspaper article April Many newspapers began publishing more detailed accounts of the sinking with much more accurate information beginning on April 17th.

The network of massive bulkheads that supposedly made the Titanic unsinkable had not been extended high enough.

Water gushing into one compartment simply flowed over the top of the bulkheads. Later that night, wide awake and clinging to her mother in a lifeboat, the little girl watched as the Titanic rose almost straight up on her bow and plunged to the bottom of the sea, carrying her father and more than other passengers and titanic newspaper article to their deaths in the North Atlantic.

As one of only Titanic passengers who survived, Eva Hart never titanic newspaper article what she had seen and heard that night.

Titanic information and history has deeper titanic newspaper article for us than the simple details of her collision with an iceberg.

When the Titanic sunk into the North Atlantic Ocean one hundred years ago, it transformed itself into a metaphor for the modern age. The sinking of the Titanic: But over the titanic newspaper article 24 hours the full scale of the disaster was dawning on a shocked world.

The liner, which was on its maiden voyage from Southampton to New York titanic newspaper article considered unsinkable, had struck an iceberg and gone down with the loss of more than 1, lives.