This short TOEIC practice test is designed to give you an excellent idea of what score you would get taking the full test as well as giving you practice in the types. Prepare yourself to destroy the TOEIC and get an amazing score! Then, take the sample test from the ETS site to evaluate both your listening and reading. Challenge - Take our free TOEIC sample test and win monthly prizes.


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Barbara in Poland I am a market researcher in an international company, I live and work in Warsaw.

TOEIC Practice Test

I will listen toeic sample test my favourite music on my iPod most often while commuting and when doing sports. So I'm very happy I got prepared with your website, many thanks! Isabelle in Philippines I am a part-time English tutor.


When I get my iPod Shuffle, I will fill toeic sample test with my favorite songs. I will use it during my morning walks. That's why it really surprised me when I got favorable results.

TOEIC Practice Test1 Speaking | TOEIC Sample Tests by LE

The test was challenging, but it was clear enough to guide me into choosing the best answers for each toeic sample test. Kenny in United Kingdom I'm a student applying for pilot cadet scheme. The test gives a comprehensive assessment of your ability and a good idea of what the real test is like.

Thanks a lot toeic sample test the iPod Shuffle and I will listen to it every day when I commute.

Practice TOEIC® with a high-quality sample test !

As for the iPod, I will find it very useful because I can connect it to my car when I have to travel to my toeic sample test, which is often; and I train everyday and music is very important because it is what motivates you. Regarding the TOEIC test, I think it's a very useful tool to measure your English understanding, because it's not like a traditional test which has a lot of theoretical questions.

It rather focuses on whether you are understanding what you are reading toeic sample test listening. Dennis in Taiwan I teach beginniner to intermediate English at the elementary and junior high school level as well as conversational English with adults.

I'll listen to my favourite jazz and classical music while on the go to my workplaces by bus, or when I'm doing my exercise routines! I personally believe that the TOEIC test is a great way to assess a person's reading comprehension and listening ability.

I know for certain that I would be using the iPod Shuffle during work out. By taking the test, I became more confident of myself as the test score objectively illustrated where I stand in effectively communicating in English. I am a huge running enthusiast and I'll use the ipod during my morning run and while traveling to work.

The testden test was amazing and has helped me strengthen my verbal skills which are my achilles heel in the exam. After rigorous practice, I'm confident I'll do well in the verbal section. Vanessa in Spain I want to be a certified English teacher in Spain or a certified Spanish teacher abroad.


With my iPod I would listen to different podcasts and audiobooks to improve my English. Last week I found your site and took the online TOEIC test out of pure curiosity and was pleasantly surprised to get such a positive score.

toeic sample test


Since I'd like to work as a Spanish teacher in the UK, I think it would be a great asset for me to take this test. Mohammed in Egypt I am an e-marketing specialist. toeic sample test

TOEIC Reading Comprehension | List: TOEIC English Practice Tests

I am planing to play audio books, learn new languages, French - Japanese, with the iPod. I have received my TOEIC certfiction last Saturday and I scored out ofall thanks to your online exam which helped me to toeic sample test familiar with the test.

Kevin in Thailand Employee at Thailand head office of a global retailer. I will use the iPod Toeic sample test during exercise workouts. Around eight months into my first job out of college, I was offered an opportunity to enter toeic sample test training program for a managerial position. I realized that a TOEIC test score would aid in my career advancement and decided to take the test with just one week to prepare.