True West [Sam Shepard] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Comedy / 3m, 1f / Int. Recently revived at New York's Circle in the Square. True West is a play by American playwright Sam Shepard. Some critics consider it the third of a Family Trilogy which includes Curse of the Starving Class   Place premiered‎: ‎Magic Theatre‎, ‎San Francisco. Phillip Breen brings a Pinteresque air of brooding menace to Sam Shepard's uncomfortably black comedy of sibling rivalry, writes Mark Fisher.


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Tim Morozzo The brightest thing on stage is Austin's sky-blue shirt. Glowing brightly beneath Tina McHugh's exquisite lighting, true west sam shepard looks like an accusation: Stalked by his dissolute brother Lee, he is buttoned up and prim, a bourgeois prig.

True West – review | Stage | The Guardian

In this uncomfortably black comedy, the playwright sets two sides of the national psyche against each other. Austin is the cerebral screenwriter chasing the American dream on its own winner-takes-all terms.

His estranged brother Lee is the lawless, self-reliant frontiersman, as at home true west sam shepard the Mojave desert as a coyote. Their battle, as they meet for the first time in five years in their mother's west-coast home, stands for the irresolvable conflict between head and heart, cultivation and instinct, sophisticate and savage.

True West – review

He is well educated and has a wife and children. Lee — A drifter and a thief, he is Austin's older brother.

Mom — Austin and Lee's mother. Saul Kimmer — A Hollywood producer. Act One[ edit ] True West is about the sibling rivalry between two estranged brothers who have reconnected.

True West (play) - Wikipedia

The play begins with brothers, Austin and Lee, sitting in their mother's house. This is the first time they've seen one another in five years. The two are not on good terms, but Austin attempts to appease his older true west sam shepard, who is more dominant.

We learn that their mother is on vacation in Alaska and that Austin is house sitting. Austin is trying to work true west sam shepard his screenplay but Lee continually distracts him with nonsense questions.

The two brothers seem on edge with one another.

When Austin suggests that Lee leave, Lee threatens to steal things from the neighborhood. Austin calms him down and the night ends with the two of them on neutral terms.

Lee agrees to leave in exchange for Austin's car keys. Austin is reluctant at first but eventually relents and Lee promises that he will have it back true west sam shepard six.


Saul and Austin are discussing their agreement when True west sam shepard enters with a stolen television set. Saul and Lee discuss golf and make plans to play the next day, excluding Austin because he doesn't play, despite his desire that Lee have nothing to do with Saul.

Lee proposes a script idea to Saul and Saul reacts positively. Lee describes his story out loud. Austin writes it down, but stops, saying it doesn't resemble real life. The two brothers true west sam shepard and Austin asks Lee for his car keys back.


Lee counters that being brothers means nothing because in-family murders are most common. Austin assures him they won't be driven to murder over a movie script.

Act Two[ edit ] Lee returns from his golf game with Saul. He tells Austin that Saul has true west sam shepard him an advance for his story idea outline that Austin wrote. They celebrate until Lee informs Austin that he expects Austin to write the screenplay.