It's a better message," says Jean Twenge, a psychology professor at San Diego State University, who wrote Generation Me and The Narcissism. Psychologist Dr Jean Twenge's classic “Generation Me”, provides some essential evidence-led insights – and we add the marketing “So What? In this provocative and newly revised book, headline-making psychologist Dr. Jean Twenge explores why the young people she calls “Generation Me” are.


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Her often humorous, eyebrow-raising stories about real people vividly bring to life the hopes and dreams, disappointments, and challenges of Generation Me.

Generation Me [Speed Summary] – Brand Genetics

They're not into going to church, even though they believe in God, because they don't identify with big institutions; one-third of adults under 30, the highest percentage ever, are religiously unaffiliated. They want new experiences, which are more important to them than material goods.

They are cool and reserved and not all twenge generation me passionate.


They are informed but inactive: They're financially responsible; although student loans have hit record highs, they have less household and credit-card debt than any previous generation on record--which, admittedly, isn't that hard when you're living at home and using your parents' credit card.

They love their phones but hate talking on them. They twenge generation me not only twenge generation me biggest generation we've ever known but maybe the last large birth grouping that will be easy to generalize about.

There are already microgenerations within the millennial group, launching as often as new iPhones, depending on whether you learned to type before Facebook, Twitter, iPads or Snapchat. Those rising microgenerations are all horrifying the ones right above them, who are twenge generation me siblings.

And the group after twenge generation me is likely to be even twenge generation me empowered. Twenge makes controversial predictions about what the future holds for GenMe and society as a whole.

She also uncovers shocking truths about this generation, including dramatic differences in sexual behavior and religious practice.

School curricula designed to raise self-esteem as an end in itself are sorely misguided, says Twenge.

The Evidence for Generation Me and Against Generation We

Simply praising children over nothing is empty and shallow, and at its worst, breeds narcissism rather twenge generation me accurate self-confidence. Kids' mistakes should be corrected by their teachers -- otherwise, how will they learn?


Rather than focusing on self-esteem, says Twenge, schools would be far better off focusing on self-control and persistence -- research has demonstrated these qualities, far more than self-esteem, to be correlated with success. And instead of "All About Me" projects, why not have kids interview their classmates instead and learn about others?

The world might actually twenge generation me a better place if we stopped worrying about ourselves so twenge generation me and started thinking about other people. And her call to "ditch the self-esteem movement" in favor of education programs that encourage empathy and real accomplishment could spare some Me-ers from the depression that often occurs when they hit the realities of today's increasingly competitive workplace.