Types of piston rings. Figure - Types of piston rings. The four-ring piston has three compression rings from the top, followed by one oil control ring. Piston and Piston Rings. A piston is a cylindrical engine component that slides back and forth in the cylinder bore by forces produced during the combustion. Types of Piston Rings and Piston Ring Maintenance. Related Read: Reasons for Cylinder Liner Wear and Ways to Measure it. Compression Rings or Pressure Rings. Wiper ring: The wiper ring, also called as Napier ring, or backup compression ring, are installed below the compression ring. Related Read: How Internal Forces in.


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In addition, cast iron is easily coated with other materials to enhance its durability. Care must be exercised when handling piston rings, as cast iron is easily distorted.

Piston rings commonly used on small engines include the compression ring, wiper ring, and oil ring.

Figure Types of piston rings.

Compression Ring The compression ring is the top or closest ring to combustion gases and is exposed to the greatest amount of chemical corrosion and the highest operating temperature. This taper provides a mild types of piston rings action to prevent any excess oil from reaching the combustion chamber.

A barrel faced compression ring is a piston ring that has a curved running surface to provide consistent lubrication of the piston ring and cylinder wall. This also provides a wedge effect to optimize oil distribution throughout the full stroke of the piston.

Types And Functions Of Piston Rings

In addition, the curved running surface reduced the possibility of an oil film breakdown due to excess pressure at the ring edge or excessive piston tilt during operation. Wiper Ring The wiper ring, sometimes called the scraper ring, Napier ring, or back-up compression ring, types of piston rings the next ring away from the cylinder head on the piston.


The types of piston rings ring provides a consistent thickness of oil film to lubricate the running surface of the compression ring. The tapered angle is positioned toward the oil reservoir and provides a wiping action as the piston moves toward the crankshaft.

Some engine designs may only have compression rings and oil rings only.

Piston ring

In such engines the compression rings are referred to as; the top compression ring and the second compression ring. The second compression ring will double as the scraper ring in such engines. For efficiency, the compression rings and scraper rings are types of piston rings differently according to application.

The cross-sectional faces of the rings are made into varying shapes from rectangular to taper faced rings. Contact us for more information regarding our commitment towards creating types of piston rings Piston Rings that lead to a healthier environment. What is the top Compression Ring?


The top Compression Ring is located in the first ring groove and has the primary function of sealing the combustion gases. It is also the means by which heat is types of piston rings from the piston to the piston walls.

It soon replaced the hemp packing hitherto used in steam engines. Automotive[ edit ] Piston rings have been an area of considerable focus and development for internal combustion engines.

The needs of diesel engines and small piston-ported two-stroke engines have been particularly difficult. types of piston rings

Sealing is achieved by multiple rings, each with their own function, using a metal-on-metal sliding contact. Rings are also sprung to increase this contact force and to maintain a close seal, either by the stiffness of the ring itself or by a separate spring behind the seal ring.

It is important that rings float freely in their grooves within the piston, so that they can stay types of piston rings contact with the cylinder.