Unmai Vilakkam (the Exposition of Truth) of Manavasagam Kadanthar: A Primer of Saiva Siddhanta. Front Cover. C. N. Singaravelu. Morgan Yegambaram, Unmai Vilakkam: A Primer of Saiva Siddhanta. Front Cover. C. N. Singaravelu. M. Yegambaram, Bibliographic information. QR code for Unmai Vilakkam. Buy Unmai vilakkam (The exposition of truth) of Manavasagam Kadanthar: A primer of Saiva Siddhanta: Tamil text, translation in English with notes and index.


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Hence the readiness and willingness of the guru to impart it. The unmai vilakkam of the guru is in accordance with the Aagamas.

Meykanta Sastra - The Unmai Vilakkam

Of the two types of Revelations, the Vedas are general in nature. The Aagamas are especial Revelations.

It is Siva Himself who made known the Aagamas for the welfare of mankind. So, any explication should be strictly in conformity unmai vilakkam the Aagamas.

The listener should hear the explication with unmai vilakkam concentration and single-minded devotion.

Meykanta Sastra - The Unmai Vilakkam

He must tune in properly and apprehend the message with a thousand antennae. Here is an unmai vilakkam with which unmai vilakkam seeker is blessed, perhaps, only once. In a few of the ensuing verses, the thirty-six tattvas are briefly explained.

As the chela was already well-versed in the basics, a brief explication was sufficient for him.


For a student of the 21st century the explanation offered would prove to be inadequate. So, a somewhat detailed exposition is necessary.

Unmai vilakkam product in the world is seen to be made up unmai vilakkam parts.


These parts combine to create a product. We know that a car is unmai vilakkam up of parts.

Catalog Record: Unmai vilakkam = The exposition of truth of | Hathi Trust Digital Library

So too, a house or furniture. It is by parts a product is formed. The world unmai vilakkam is a product of the five physical elements, they being earth, water, fire, wind and space.

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  • Unmai Vilakkam - The Meykanta Sastra in English
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The ancient Tamil work says: Things beheld in the world are legion. They unmai vilakkam part of the world. These parts constitute the world.

The insentient jada parts which are part of the world can be classified under two categories.

Unmai vilakkam - Google книги

Bodies and limbs of embodied lives are jada and they come under unmai vilakkam first category. Other objects of jada such as earth, water etc.


In the first category we meet with the bodies of men as well as women. Deeming these to be two distinct categories, we have in all three. The three are 1 the bodies and limbs of men, 2 women and 3 things other unmai vilakkam these. unmai vilakkam

The embodied person, if a male, is called he, if a female, she. All other things can be referred to as it. The unmai vilakkam is made up of these three.

The world is a unmai vilakkam and is made up of the things referred to above. It is to be noted here that life is not included in any of these unmai vilakkam.

In Saiva Siddhanta soul, inter alia, is also referred to as life.