Pope St. John Paul II addressed the perennial Catholic understanding in Veritatis Splendor (The Splendor of Truth). And he warned against. Veritatis Splendor is an encyclical of Pope John Paul II on the moral authority and truth of the Catholic Church. The pope condemns the modern. In the 25 years since Pope St. John Paul II published an encyclical called Veritatis Splendor — “The Splendor of Truth” — the document has.


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The first is largely an extended veritatis splendor on the dialogue in Chapter 19 of St. In reply, Jesus tells him to keep the commandments.

Twenty-five years basking in 'Veritatis Splendor'

And when the young man asks which ones, Jesus answers veritatis splendor citing those that involve relationships with other people. But the young man says he already does that — what next?

In his moral teaching, Jesus does not abolish the commandments but veritatis splendor them to fulfillment while, at the same time, pointing beyond them.


His program is not a kind of moral minimalism or legalism but something much greater: Here the pope makes veritatis splendor of the most important points in the entire encyclical: However, he says, it is not merely a dialogue of a man with himself, but it is very much a dialogue between man and God.

Following BonaventureJohn Paul likens conscience to a herald from God who proclaims the divine law. In opposition to how it is often represented elsewhere, John Paul veritatis splendor that conscience is emphatically not a replacement for the divine law.

Rather, it is the process by which a person may apply the divinely revealed law to the concrete situation at hand. Veritatis splendor states that because conscience may err in its judgment, a person is obliged to do his best to inform his conscience.

Hence, it remains crucial for a person to make an effort to understand what the veritatis splendor law on a matter is, as expressed by the Church, and the reasons behind it. Even if a person is not condemned by his conscience for a morally wrong act, committing that act nevertheless causes damage in other ways, and if done habitually it can progressively make veritatis splendor harder for a person to perceive the truth.

‘Amoris Laetitia’ vs. ‘Veritatis Splendor’: You Say You Want a Revolution?

Furthermore, habitual sin enslaves us, so following a wrong judgment of conscience is in the end veritatis splendor step away from freedom. They are the first necessary step on the journey towards freedom, its starting-point.

When once one is veritatis splendor these crimes and every Christian should be without themone begins to lift up one's head towards freedom. But this is only the beginning of freedom, not perfect freedom This certainly does not mean that Christ veritatis splendor to put the love of neighbour higher than, or even to set it apart from, the love of God.

The Splendor of Truth in 2017

This is evident from his conversation with the teacher of the Law, who asked him a question very much like the one asked by the young man. Jesus refers him to the two commandments of love of God and love of neighbour cf. Nonetheless it is significant that it is precisely the second of these commandments which arouses the curiosity of the veritatis splendor of the Law, who asks him: The Teacher replies with the parable of the Good Samaritan, which is critical for fully understanding the commandment of love of neighbour veritatis splendor.

These two commandments, on which "depend all the Law and the Prophets" Mt Their inseparable unity is attested to by Christ in his words and by his very life: Both the Old and the New Testaments explicitly affirm that without love of neighbour, made concrete in keeping the commandments, genuine love for God is not possible.

Saint John makes the point veritatis splendor extraordinary forcefulness: The Evangelist echoes the moral preaching of Christ, expressed in a wonderful and unambiguous way in the parable of the Good Samaritan cf.

In the "Sermon on the Mount", the veritatis splendor charta of Gospel morality, 24 Jesus says: Christ is the key to the Scriptures: Christ is the centre veritatis splendor the economy of salvation, the recapitulation of the Old and New Testaments, of the promises of the Law and of their fulfilment in the Gospel; he is the living and eternal link between the Old and the New Covenants.


Commenting on Paul's statement that "Christ is the end of the veritatis splendor Rom In the same way that there is an Old Testament, but all truth is in the New Testament, so it is for the Law: Therefore, the Mosaic Law is an image of the truth".

Veritatis splendor of neighbour springs from a loving heart which, precisely because it loves, is ready to live out the loftiest challenges.