The Vezin Sampler is an accural rotating sampler. The sampler is a fully enclosed unit containing a rotating sample cutter that passes at constant uniform speed. Manufacturer of Vezin Sampler offered by Skl Mineral Processing Equipment, Mumbai, Maharashtra. Definition of Vezin's sampler. A mechanical sampling device that automatically selects one twenty-fifth or one sixty-fourth of the ore passing through. Ref: Fay.


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Vezin Sampler - Laarmann Group B.V.

Instead, the ore is thrown out sideways by centrifugal force, due to rotation of the disc at a suitable speed, into an annular space leading into a reject vezin sampler pipe. The floors vezin sampler these compartments may slope outward and downward so that gravity will supplement the centrifugal force.


The sample will be a selected fraction of the quantity of ore fed to the sampler, the fraction being determined by the number of compartments, and the analysis of the sample will be precisely representative of the constitution of the ore applied because all parts of the ore stream falling into the continuously-rotating sampler vezin sampler received in precisely the same manner by all of vezin sampler identically-dimensioned compartments.

The operation of sampling occurs as the ore falls into the compartments, or strikes a radial partition and then falls into a compartment. The top, radial edges of the partitions are termed blades, or wear blades, and may be replaceable, as they will wear rapidly. It is at these blades or, more specifically, in the plane of the top edges of these blades, normal to the sampling assembly axis of rotation, that the sampling operation occurs.

In another embodiment the several compartments all are open bottomed except one, which has a floor.

Vezin Sampler, Slurry - Sepor

In this embodiment the sample ore is thrown out by centrifugal force from the floored compartment, and passes into a sample output pipe, while the reject ore passes through and down vezin sampler a reject output pipe. Also, in this embodiment the center shaft bearings are eliminated and the weight of the sample disc is borne by a peripheral ring bearing.

This keeps the bearing out of the ore stream. One object of this invention is to provide a sampler which takes an accurately representative sample of material.

Another object of this invention is to provide a sampler which eliminates the need for a feeder and reduces headroom. Another object of this invention is to provide a sampler which, in its operation as a sampler, also operates as vezin sampler declassifier.

Another object of this invention is to provide a sampler which can be used as a distributor. A center supporting hub 13 is secured by a plurality of radial support arms, such as arms 14 and 16, to the casing The hub 13 supports a shaft 17 which carries two antifriction bearings 18 and These bearings support a sampling disc assembly or sampling assembly which comprises a cylindrical hub 20, a floor 21, a peripheral wall 22, and eight radial partitions 23, 24, 26, 27, 28, 29, 31 and The peripheral wall 22 is provided, in seven of the eight sectorial spaces or compartments set vezin sampler by the partitions, with an opening or port as indicated at In the eighth sector, defined by partitions 28 and 29, the peripheral wall 22 is solid and extends to the level of the disc floor 21, at the plane of the lower edges of the partitions, and the floor is open or contains an aperture or port, A cap 34, which is as small as structure will permit, closes the top of the cylindrical hub Eight wear blades, such as blades 36 and 37, are screwed to the vezin sampler edges of the eight partitions and are clamped, at their inner ends, by the cap An input pipe 38, which is shown centered but need not be, having a diameter less than the outer diameter of the sampling vezin sampler assembly is suspended over the latter by braces, such as braces 39 and 41, removably secured to the external casing 11, to provide for replacement.

This input pipe 38, or downwardly pro-- aperture 30 in the sampling disc floor The small end, of the funnel 42 is terminated in a chute 43 passing vezin sampler of the reject output chute 12 and constituting the sample output chute.

A labyrinth 44 protects the vezin sampler edge of funnel 42 to insure that only the sample and all of the sample enters the funnel.

Where dusting is a problem, a vezin sampler or fabric seal may be used in conjunction with or instead of a labyrinth.