Volkmann ischemic contracture is a deformity of the hand, fingers, and wrist caused by injury to the muscles of the forearm. Volkmann contracture occurs when there is a lack of blood flow (ischemia) to the forearm. In Volkmann contracture, the muscles of the forearm are severely. Ann R Coll Surg Engl. Mar;95(2):e doi: /X Volkmann's contracture of the forearm owing to an insect bite: a case. Volkmann Contracture. Both neonatal compartment syndrome and neonatal Volkmann contracture have been reported. Awareness of this diagnosis is important.


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The ranges of motion of volkmanns contracture thumb, index, and little finger were normal. No cord-like induration volkmanns contracture suggested muscle degeneration was palpable on the anterior side of the forearm, and there was no sensory disturbance or paralysis of extrinsic or intrinsic muscles.

Roentgenograms of the left forearm showed no evidence of fracture or deformity.


In order to identify the area of muscle degeneration, magnetic resonance imaging was performed, but there were no intensity volkmanns contracture in the flexor muscle bellies. Thus, the volkmanns contracture area could not be identified.

Volkmann's Contracture - Physiopedia

Decreased sensation Paleness of the skin Muscle weakness and loss atrophy Deformity of the wrist, hand, and fingers that causes the hand to have a claw-like appearance Exams and Tests The health care provider will perform a volkmanns contracture exam, volkmanns contracture on the affected arm.

If the provider suspects Volkmann contracture, detailed questions will be asked about past injury or conditions that affected the arm.

Tests that may done include: X-ray of the arm Tests of the muscles and nerves to check their function Treatment The goal of treatment is to help people with Volksmann ischemic contracture VIC regain some or full use of the arm and hand. Musculus pronator teres median nerve innervation Musculus flexor carpi radialis median nerve innervation Musculus flexor carpi ulnaris ulnar nerve innervation Musculus flexor digitorum superfiscialis median nerve innervation Musculus palmaris longus median nerve innervation Deep volkmanns contracture The intracompartimental pressure occurs when there is a bulging caused by a trauma.

Thus, there is not enough space for muscles, nerves and blood vessels that lie within this volkmanns contracture.


This results in vascular defects and defects on volkmanns contracture. Possible causes can be animal bites, fractures of the forearm, bleeding disorders, burns, excessive exercise and injections of medications at the forearm.

Volkmann ischemic contracture: MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia

If the contracture occurs, surgery to release the fixed tissues may help with volkmanns contracture deformity and function of the hand. History[ edit ] It is named after Richard von Volkmann -the 19th century German doctor who first described it, [2] in a paper on "non-Infective Ischemic conditions of various fascial compartments in the extremities".

Upper limb compartment syndrome secondary to envenomation is rare, especially in the UK. Worldwide, it has been reported resulting from volkmanns contracture and insect bites, mostly from snakes from the Viperidae family, and from insects volkmanns contracture as bees and wasps.