Listen to Groupe Privé Webmarketing Junkie with 6 episodes. No signup or install required. There are dozens of marketing analysis tools, but these are our eight favorite tools for Mixpanel – Advanced Web and Mobile Analytics. Intermediate Café Commerce: $30/month; no setup or transaction fees; no long-term contracts. E-Junkie: No setup fee, no transaction fee, and no bandwidth fee.


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I Too Was An Internet Marketing Junkie!

All of this functionality is possible without requiring a single line of codemeaning that even non-technical personnel can access important data about your site or app. Who Is It For?


Mixpanel has some impressive clients, including Autodesk, Salesforce, and Twitch, but its competitive pricing see below puts web marketing junkie well within web marketing junkie of even small businesses.

Users with complex websites or mobile apps could potentially benefit greatly from the insights offered by Mixpanel. How Much Does It Cost? For analysis of up to 25, data points per month a data point is any defined user action, such as clicking a button or taking a specific action on your site or appMixpanel is free.

The monthly subscription changes depending on the volume of data being analyzed. Check the official pricing page for more details. For those new to the world of paid search, even identifying the right areas to focus on can be overwhelming, which is why thousands of small-business owners and advertisers have turned to the Web marketing junkie Performance Grader for help.

What Does It Do?

Web Marketing for the Music Business - Tom Hutchison - Google Books

This information allows you to zero in on the elements of your account that web marketing junkie the most work, offering a strong potential lift in immediate account performance.

The AdWords Performance Grader is completely free to use.


Grade your account for free today! Formisimo provides users with actionable data about why people fail to complete web forms. The software analyzes real-time data from your site and compiles intuitive reports according to analysis web marketing junkie your forms against 54 individual metrics.

I Too Was An Internet Marketing Junkie! - Internet-Marketing

This level of insight can tell you which parts of your forms are deterring prospects from converting, among many other things. Anyone whose web marketing junkie or app uses web forms can benefit from Formisimo.

CrazyEgg tracks and analyzes user behavior on websites. It tracks which elements of a page users are interacting with, which creates a heat map visualization of this behavior over time.

Another web marketing junkie cool feature of CrazyEgg is that it can tell you a great deal about where web marketing junkie clicks came from in the first place. In addition, you can augment your existing audience profile data with information from CrazyEgg, which can offer amazingly granular data and reporting, depending on the plan you opt for more on this below.

Heat maps — and the decisions you can make based upon them — can have an immense impact on your conversion ratesas you can literally see what people are doing on your site, as well as revealing areas that are being ignored.

Notably, all CrazyEgg plans are completely free for the first 30 days, which is pretty awesome. BuzzSumo is an extremely versatile social web marketing junkie and content web marketing junkie dashboard that provides users with data on which topics are trending across all major social media channels.

You can analyze data from a range of time periods, from the previous 12 hours or spanning several months. Joining one affiliate program after another until like so many others, I no longer knew which program I was attempting to promote: It didn't just crash, It laid down and died.

As in un-repairable completely dead!


There I sat, day after day in front of a web marketing junkie screen with literally thousands of dollars worth of programs locked up inside of a dead computer going thru withdrawal. My wife Bless her seeing my misery, decided to give me a new computer for Christmas.