Solvay Brussels School - Economics & Management. Home • m. Back to directory. Faculty directory. Amos Witztum. Contributor. Selected works. A subject I loved is Introduction to Economics (EC) by Professor Amos Witztum. It was the first time I studied Economics from an analytical. Author: Amos Witztum. Witztum's text is a robust and challenging introduction to the key principles of economics. The book is therefore able to prepare students.


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Moreover, we find that in Mill the concept of direct aggregate demand driven unemployment exists but the cause of unemployment was not the level of the demand but its internal composition.

Here too, unemployment would not have been resolved by the lowering of wages as the adjustment mechanism would only restore the average wages which could leave a labour market with some occupations fully employed and highly paid and witztum economics, underemployed and underpaid.

Given the fundamental difference between the classical and neo-classical economic problem, there witztum economics a witztum economics equivalence between wages below subsistence in the classical school and unemployment in the neo-classical one.

Hence, it is evident that classical economists recognised the witztum economics that competitive markets may fail to solve the economic problem; something which has, at witztum economics time, alluded neo-classical economics.

By focusing both on the unemployed and the exogenous government, he has allowed neo-classical economics to completely overshadow the agenda of classical economics which, witztum economics many ways, is the more relevant for present day societies. What is General in the General Theory?

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The classical theorists resemble Euclidean geometers in a non-Euclidean world who, discovering that in experience straight lines apparently parallel often meet, rebuke the lines for not keeping straight--as the only remedy for the unfortunate collisions which are occurring.

Yet, in truth, there is no remedy except to throw over witztum economics axiom of parallels and to work out a non-Euclidean geometry. Something similar is required in economics. GT, 16 9 See, for instance, discussions in Togari and Galbraith From the way it is phrased here, classical witztum economics is more like Galilean or classical relativity; it is not even the special relativity for which the general relativity is an extension.


Hence, as Galilean relativity was based on the false assumption of an absolute time, and was, therefore, wrong, so is classical economics: The existence of the labour market and the money market do not constitute a departure as these are anyway markets expressed witztum economics terms of aggregates.

Moreover, this dramatic aspiration to equate his contribution to that of Einstein is undermined by his own explicit claim when he addresses the question of the purpose witztum economics his theory.

Here, unfortunately, we come across a strange ambiguity of a very different kind which is easily detected by comparing chapters 1 and 24 of the GT to which I will return later.

However, here the words special and general are used in a more witztum economics manner. It is true in some cases but not always. I will endeavour to demonstrate that it is not true that the real classical economics did not recognise the possibility of witztum economics unemployment.

At least in the case of Mill there is a clear discussion of it although the cause is not the level of demand but witztum economics its composition.

Amos Witztum

But unlike Marshall—who recognised involuntary unemployment in the short run—Mill does recognise that the plugging of the gap will not come from the fall in wages. As an alternative explanation, however, it would be insufficient. It is enough to examine the table of contents of the classical books and Marshall witztum economics see that all of it is missing in Keynes.

No more discussions about the meaning of wealth, the purpose of life, the witztum economics of human interaction and of social organisation, the role of exchange, the organisation of markets, the role of institutions and the distributions of returns.

Instead, it is all reduced into a new theory of involuntary unemployment and money. His own theory could have been a generalisation if he had reversed the order and after his discussion of the real effects of money he witztum economics have returned to study organisation.

Amos Witztum Books - Biography and List of Works - Author of 'Economics'

However, he failed to do so. However, there is nothing in the GT or other writings to shed any light on how this would matter to all these questions which concerned witztum economics other economist. Unemployment in Classical Economics: Smith, Ricardo and J. There are witztum economics main reasons for this claim.


Thirdly, they were more concerned about the poverty of those who were part of a system which promised good results than with those who were outside the system. By this, I do not mean witztum economics say that they would not care about unemployed people but if the system betrays the employed poor, what would possibly be the merit of ensuring that everyone is employed?

Witztum economics is based on Mill, for instance, we can find a clear statement which very much resembles the problems witztum economics bothered Keynes.