The Story of COUM Transmissions & Throbbing Gristle by Simon Ford (Black Dog Publishing, London , £). By focusing on a performance art troop that. The Paperback of the Wreckers of Civilization: The Story of Coum Transitions; Throbbing Gristle by Simon Ford at Barnes & Noble. : Wreckers of Civilisation: The Story of Coum Transmissions & Throbbing Gristle by Simon Ford and a great selection of similar.


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  • Wreckers of Civilisation : Simon Ford :
  • Wreckers of Civilisation: The Story of COUM Transmissions and Throbbing Gristle by Simon Ford
  • 'Wreckers of civilisation': Hull embraces its frenzied sexual past | Art and design | The Guardian
  • Wreckers of Civilisation: The Story of COUM Transmissions and Throbbing Gristle

Unless you are a hardcore fan, these relics are wreckers of civilization undoubted slog. The pair underwent bouts of surgery in an attempt to fuse themselves, physically and psychically, into a dual being, each resembling the other.

Breyer died inaged 37, from stomach cancer. The story of COUM, and its later manifestations, have proceeded with various members.

She still has to avoid stressful situations and over exertion, which rules out performances or gigs. However, she does occasionally make personal appearances and give lectures.

Unfortunately we wreckers of civilization unable to give details wreckers of civilization these as the majority are at universities, colleges or wreckers of civilization openings and are not usually open to the public. We would like to thank you all for your continuing thoughts and support throughout.

We will be taking pre-orders for it shortly and those ordering through CTI will receive their copies approximately 1 week ahead of the official release date.

'Wreckers of civilisation': Hull embraces its frenzied sexual past

The first three or four CD's feature reworkings of tracks from Chris' previous solo releases, wreckers of civilization and remixed in different ambient styles.

Two albums have been recorded so far, a third is nearing completion and a fourth is at a preliminary stage.


If the albums wreckers of civilization well received Chris has plans to continue the series with EAR releases of Throbbing Gristle era material.

Release dates and further details will follow in the next CTI Newsletter. The major difference is that we have introduced a much simpler pricing structure, to make ordering less confusing and wreckers of civilization.

All prices except mailing charges have been rounded off to the nearest pound.


Orridge exemplifies the wreckers of civilization excesses of this era. This entailed the proto-slacker presenting himself as a starving artist in order to get grants, as well as making judicious use of that alternative arts funding scheme known as the dole.

The story of COUM and TG is well known, What Ford has done is flesh it out using wreckers of civilization from contemporary newspapers and his own interviews with those involved.

Instead when stories wreckers of civilization alternative versions of events are disinterestedly offered with the reader left free to choose the mythologisation they prefer. You get a sense of the performance art scene in Europe in the late An exhaustive and inspiring study of Throbbing Gristle and Coum Transmissions that tries to avoid the hysteria that surrounded both projects when they were active.

You get a sense wreckers of civilization the performance art scene in Europe in the late 60s, early 70s.


I was always interested in Coum Transmission and what they were about. The depth of history on Wreckers of civilization was great and enthralling. At the beginning of the book Genesis P.

Orridge is quoted as saying paraphrasing hereAn artist's life is usually more interesting their work. Not true with CM and TG.